Sunday, March 17, 2013

1950's Zero Fan

The uniqueness of all original is easily surpased for shiny and new, but what is more simplistic than 'Zero.'  Broken down, cleaned, greased, and rebuilt as it was off the showroom floor only with the slight markings of Patina that show it's true age.  The beauty of finding a simple, oscilating fan, such as this zero is that it was a commodity of the 50s, but now a rarity of modern day. Sometimes adding Zero is just what a room needs.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

1943 Global Atlas of the World at War Maps

$5 per map/page
can be shipped within the US

Most can only imagine what it was like in 1943, using an up to date Atlas not only to track the progress of the war while listening daily to the news, but also having the need to have plane recognition pages to tell if those that were flying over head were friend of foe.  Although this Global Atlas is broken into single pages, the maps and informational pages are near perfect with only slight darkening of it's white pages that prove it's age while adding significant allure.  Whether you remember using an Atlas such as this one, printed in 1943, are a WW2 buff, or want to decorate your room/work-space with practical and historical geography, this is right up your alley.  Go to the jump to see pictures of the still available maps and a list of others.

Each page is 10 1/4" x 13 1/2" 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Early 50's Vornado Stool Fan - 'D.B. Cooper'


Officially found, and won't cost you $200,000. D.B.'s jet turbine style and art deco finish will keep you super cool in all directions.  D.B is about as elusive as you get in the mid century fan world and at $300 with his solid patina, you're looking at a real steal.  Whether your a Wichita native, or a mid century buff, D.B. is a can't miss.  (currently has a cut cord, but will shortly be wired to check function.)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Modern Vanity/Bar - 'Stephen Tyler'


Remember when Stephen Tyler was cool, yeah, it's been everyday for the last 40 years and now he's coming to rock your pad.  Stephen may be sober, but that doesn't mean you can't drop a solid line-up of top shelf liquors in the bottom cabinet while keeping your psychedelic scarves clean in the top two, super smooth sliding, drawers.  Feel like your parties just haven't lived up to the neighborhood 'party of the month?' - let Stephen 'yak-kak-kak-kak-kowwww' your place to life!  Completely refinished walnut veneers with very unique metal pulls.  Think there is a better option for your place?  Dream On.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ebony and Ivory - Kent Coffey high boy and dresser


With this mix of walnut and white accents, it's perfect harmony. The Kent Coffey line of furniture was always known for great style, but also fair value... no difference today from M2M. Both pieces have straight, modern lines with funky pulls and unique legs. Finding a matching pair like this is pretty rare, anywhere, so jump at your opp to have a unique coupling. Currently at River Market Antique Mall, so available 7 days a week in downtown KC. Kent Coffey in KC, meant to be... email with questions, or check 'em out at the market. Mention that Susan said you could have these for $380 for the pair, since you're an avid M2M watcher, and save an extra 20 bucks! If you just need one, we would deal each for $225.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Foundry Mold - 'Kiefer Sutherland'

Whether you're into vampires, heroes or bad guys you still side with, Kiefer is perfect in every role. Step forward to Kiefer's newest role and you'll see the same is true. A tough exterior with plenty of wear that can handle any supporting role. Keep him industrial near a brick wall, break up the monotony of your modern masterpiece with a little bit of Kiefer character, or really set him off by flipping on his side and finish with a solid glass top to make a low coffee table perfect for even the smallest of entertaining spaces. The clock's ticking - he could be gone in the next 24...

Dimension: 24 inches in diameter

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cast Iron Lantern - "Louis Gosset Jr."


Once a flying ace, now an articulate piece of decor' - Ol chappy is back and ready to rock his perch atop your fireplace or perhaps the bookshelf. Solid cast iron construction with a patina second to none. Great as a stand alone or drop the lights, and set the mood with a single candle. Bring Louis home and have a wingman for life -

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mission trifecta - "The Blues Brothers"


Been looking for a place to drop your Wayfarers? Need a small drawer to stow your black suit and skinny tie? Maybe a quick spot for some dry white toast, four chickens and a Coke? Look no further. The Blues Brothers are on a mission, and are mission, for that matter... Looking for a new place to drop anchor and call home. All have been completely refinished and are solid oak. New pulls on each of the pieces with perfect functionality. Not sure about the purchase, follow Aretha's que and 'Think!'

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Knoll: Handkerchief Stacking Chairs - 'The Rat Pack'

all 3 for $175

In the middle ages ladies presented men with their handkerchiefs to show their favor. During the renaissance handkerchiefs became an essential part of any upscale wardrobe. Flash forward to the late fifties and sixties and the Rat Pack weren't straight without a pocket handkerchief. Now it's your turn - Middle Ages, Renaissance, Atomic Age or Modern Day, the handkerchief is a status sybol. Knoll's take is timeless - Bring 'The Pack' back to your place and set it off.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Coat Racks - "Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger"

Maybe not exactly twins, but too fine to walk past without at least hanging your fedora. Whether you're a hunter or frequent Hooters, I guarantee these are two of the finest racks you'll ever see. Mission Oak or Industrial Aluminum with iron hooks, or take them both home and invite 20 of your closest friends over on the coldest day of the year. Putting guests jackets on a bed is just plain tacky...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Metal Mesh Basket and Croquet Balls

basket: sold, set of 4 refinished croquet balls: sold

Maybe a fryer basket in the past, but now the perfect fruit basket, or, as used here, display basket for a grouping of vintage refinished croquet balls. Buy everything you see here or split it up and take what you like.

Heywood Wakefield Serving Cart - "Alfred"


Calling Alfred the service is like calling Batman a good Samaritan. Alfred is everything you could ever want in a serving cart: Completely refinished, solid Birch, original casters (as Heywood Wakefield did for only 2 years), double drop leaf sides with sliding locking mechanisms, and a modern flair that is very difficult to find. Your versatile bar cart can now be your hors d'oeuvres spot and even an impromptu dining table. Don't know how to entertain? Just call on Alfred...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Emerson Fan - "King Tut"


King Tut has risen from the tomb and has broken free of his wraps to unveil a brand new coat of gloss white, patina'd blade and tag, along with a smooth black felt base. Don't be fooled - he may be past his eighties, but he has awoken into his prime. Smooth operation and oscilation second only to his completely reworked inards and newly rewired electrical. Take a close look, and check the faintest brass detail of his oscilator - the tell tale sign of royalty! Take Tut home and cool out this summer with a true legend and a one of kind. Made in St. Louis by Emerson, redefined in Kansas City by M2M and ready for display in your hometown. Small enough to ship, cool enough to make a statement.

shipping available

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Judy Dench 3 Retro Bookcase

For her third go round, Judy is back! This time she's a bit taller and a bit blonder... she's back on the market and looking for action, or at least a few good books to chill with. Judy works well in your study or even in a child's room. Her straight line design mixes well with other styles, yet serves as a stand out with modern accompaniment . Don't let her size fool you, she can hold down a wall space just as much as the big boys! Just like her predecesors, she won't be around for long - hit us up now!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Solid Oak Abernathy Table - "George Brett"


A true hometown hero, this Abernathy table was made right here in KC, the West Bottoms to be precise. Maybe you have seen the Abernathy signs spread around KC whether in the bottoms or all the way out where their original factory was, in Leavenworth. Pieces like George are getting harder and harder to find and although he may not be covered in pine tar, he's definitely the glue that holds any dining room team together. Solid Oak constructions, Abernathy tag on the bottom - it's the perfect piece for any home - traditional, farm house, contemporary and maybe even for you modern folks who want to break up the monotony but still keep your clean lines.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Conant Ball Nesting Tables - "Peter, Paul, and Mary"


Here is a refinished Conant Ball nesting table set of 3. Conant Ball is known for their American Modern design and this one is no exception. Solid birch makes up all three tables and is finished in it's natural state to bring them back to it's original luster. This is a perfect addition to your modern living space. Contact
Dimensions for largest nesting table: 26"L X 20.5"W X 24"H

Nutting Furniture Factory Cart - "Muhammad Ali"


Greatest of all time is a hard title to hold, but when you're Muhammed Ali, it's just a way of life. Made in Fairbault, MN by the craftsmen at Nutting, this cart has been through the ringer and up against the ropes many a time, but has come back as reigning king and undisputed champion of the living room. Don't be fooled by his polished exterior, he's still a workhorse that moves with grace and ease and has been painstakingly refinished to put the finishing touch to your living space. Cocky... maybe... can he back it all up? definitely. Bring this G.O.A.T. back to your place and feel free to trash talk your neighbors 'Pottery Barn' coffee table. Solid oak and cast iron construction.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blue Metal Table on Casters - 'Cameron Diaz'


There is just something about Cameron that makes you want to stop and stare... beautiful top, long legs, and casters that are as smooth as the day they came off the line. Her transformation from ogre-ish metal industrial table to drop dead uniqueness is one that will have you in awe along with all of your house guests. Need some lemonade on the deck for a hot summer day - just look to Cameron. Dining in and want a spot to finish your favorite show - Cameron's got you covered. Have that open space in your entryway that you just can't find the right piece for??? - you get the jist. There isn't a place in the house Cameron wouldn't be welcome. Making a splash the moment she hits the scene, don't miss your shot!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mission Side Table - 'Harry S. Truman'

A true piece of American history, Harry S. is the perfect piece for any American home. Not only a war hero, a UMKC law grad, and the leader of the free world; now in his favorite position... tying your room together. Clean lines and solid oak construction that can hold down the entryway, be a utilitarian as bedside table, and even stand up to the heat in the kitchen. More than a fair deal for such a room leader. If Harry's not your style, let's face it, your a communist. email:

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Academic Map of Africa - 'Levar Burton'


Levar is one of those finds that is going to work anywhere - think about it... star performer on Roots as Kunta Kinte, teaching the youth of the world on Reading Rainbow, exploring new galaxies on the starship enterprise, and now directing you from Botswana to Namibia. Beautifully maintained for his age and so much cooler than google maps. Pull down that cliche' Ansel Adams and put some color back in your life!

Monday, April 3, 2006

General Fireproofing Co. Desk and Steelcase Chair - "Charles Bronson"


As promised, a smaller steel desk for those of you who cannot handle the 60 inch monsters. This smaller version (45"), made by General Fireproofing is perfect for any home, office, workshop, or room of your choice. Paired with a classic (all original) Steelcase chair with brilliant red upholstery makes the perfect match. Notice that the desk has been painted, albeit many years ago, and has been through some stong use. It shows much character, but let's face it, perfection is overpriced and boring...

Factory Cart - "Ben Hur"


Chuck Heston would gladly ride atop this vintage factory cart. Solid, refinished, Oak top that has lasted at least 100 years and should last for 100 more. His all steel base and wheels have been sandblasted down to bare and then triple coated to bring back it's vintage look. Although Ben will move around a track with ease his true calling should be right in front of the couch or in the middle of a loft. Saddle up, Ben could be your long awaited centerpiece.

Dimensions: 36" W x 60"L x 18.5" H

Mission Stationary Table - "Lee Majors"


Very clean and simple mission style table that seems as though it would be perfect for stationary, a couple books, and possibly a vintage fan if you are a return visitor to Mission2Modern. Tag inside drawer says it was made in Salina, KS.
Dimensions: 33L x 13.5W x 26H.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Iron custom table - "Peter Parker"


Peter is a picture perfect console table with solid black Iron "hairpin" legs. His solid walnut top is tough enough to withstand punishment from the sandman, but delicate enough to display Mary Janes cell phone and Gucci bag. Place Peter in your entryway or bust up a blank wall with his unique presence. That tingling sensation is telling you this is the piece you've been waiting for...

Dimensions: 25"W x 29"T x 13"D

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Heywood-Wakefield Side Tables -"Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau"


Maybe these two look like an odd couple, but both exemplify the Heywood Wakefield modern touch that works in any room. All solid and completely refinished, these two work for a modern mix that is hard to reproduce. Even Grumpy Old Men will be completely satisfied by the addition of these modern staples and although Jack and Walt work great together, separate they still steal the show. Don't be a putz, email: